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FBE Impact Stories
Standing Desks

After piloting standing desks in 2009, we reached out to the FBE in order to expand their use. The four standing desks, which were funded through the FBE, have been a terrific addition to Winn Brook classrooms. They have supported students’ ability to focus their attention on instruction and independent work production. The unique design has enabled students not only to work while standing, but the desks also provide swinging footrests which allow students to move and expend energy naturally and quietly while in the classroom. Students are therefore better able to focus while the whole classroom benefits from decreased disruptions. Winn Brook teachers, who have utilized the desks in their classrooms, offer the following insights:

The stand-up desk has been an incredibly helpful tool for many students in my classroom. It greatly benefits those students who need to move about as they work. The stand-up desk, with its attached kickbar, allows students to channel their energy appropriately and quietly while staying focused on their tasks. The result is a calm classroom, productive learning time, and high-quality work. Nicole Torniero, grade 2 teacher

I found that all students were interested in using the standing desk in the beginning, yet the students who actually needed it most were the ones who utilized it throughout the year. Being elevated in the standing position, along with the motion of swinging a leg, enabled students to truly focus. It’s an incredible classroom tool!
Melissa Gainer, grade 2 teacher

Standing desks to help students to focus