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Grant Process
For FBE Learning Excellence Grant funding criteria, application deadlines, and announcement dates, please click here.

Project Director:   The Project Director will select the "Apply Now" button below to be directed to the FBE's online application form, which is hosted by the Belmont Public Schools, and log in. In the application, the 'Project Director 1' will be considered 'Primary' and should complete and submit the application. All FBE correspondence will be sent to the Primary Project Director.
Principal/Department Head: Once the Primary Project Director completes and submits the application for consideration, the application will automatically forward to the principal or department head (selected by the Project Director) for review.
Superintendent’s Office: Once the Principal/Department Head has completed his/her review, the application will automatically forward to the Superintendent’s Office for review.
FBE Program Committee: From the Superintendents Office, the grant application will be forwarded to the FBE Program Committee. A Program Committee liaison may contact the Project Director for additional information or clarification about the application. The Program Committee will consider the need for the project, the clarity of goals and objectives, the feasibility of proposed plans, the qualifications and directly related experience of the project director(s) and key participants, and the anticipated impact of the project on the Belmont Public Schools.
FBE Executive Committee: The FBE Executive Committee determines the funding that is available for each Learning Excellence Grant cycle.
FBE Board of Directors: The FBE Program Committee presents its report to the FBE Board of Directors; the Board of Directors votes to approve the funding of the grant awards
Announcement: The FBE Administrator emails award or regret letters to each applicant on or before the grant cycle announcement date.
Questions about Applying for a Grant: Please email Kate Ascione, VP of Programs, at or the Program Committee liaison for your school or subject area.
If your Application is Approved for Funding: Please click here for important information about awarded grants.

Access to the online application form is limited to Belmont Public Schools staff.

ONLINE APPLICATION TEMPLATE: Please click here for a Template of the application form in Adobe PDF format or click here for a Template in Microsoft Word format, which you (or a volunteer) may download and use to save your work as a draft or to share it with other colleagues/volunteers. A Belmont Public School staff member may then copy/paste this information into the online application form.

Note: On the next screen, you will have to log in with your Belmont Public School account.


Click here for a list of frequently asked questions regarding grants.