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More than 530 projects have been financed, enriching the educational experience of Belmont’s students.
FBE Impact Stories
Chenery Middle School Sixth Graders "Dig" into the Past (2011)

Part of the middle school grounds at Chenery Middle School were transformed into an archeological dig site for approximately 320 sixth graders. Kimberley Connors-Hughes, a Harvard University-trained archaeologist and Mass Cultural Council Creative Teaching Partner, was in charge of the mock excavation. The site was "salted" with artifacts which are typical of those found at any dig site in New England--ranging from Native American to the Modern Era items. Students followed true archeological methods and scientific technique as they discovered and unearthed exciting artifacts. Ms. Connors-Hughes challenged the students to be better archeologists than the Hollywood version Indiana Jones most were familiar with. Real archeologists utilize true scientific method involving math, science and social studies skills. Hence, after each group of students completed the dig, they took part in a lab to measure, draw and identify their artifacts. This process helped students utilize critical thinking skills in order to make inferences and interpret culture. The existing sixth grade curriculum includes a social studies unit on Early Humans and Mesopotamia and a math unit on measurement and scale. Therefore, this project literally brought learning outside the classroom while building on the learning already going on inside the Chenery walls.

Digging into the past at Chenery