Foundation for Belmont Education
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Since 1993, more than 5,100 families and businesses have made more than 22,000 gifts to the FBE.
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What We Do

The FBE has funded grants to educators in the Belmont Public Schools to implement innovative programs and advanced technology that result in richer and deeper learning experiences for students.
  • More than $210,000 awarded during the 2013-2014 school year
  • Over $2.6 million has been awarded in grants and assistance since 1993
  • More than 558 projects have been financed
The FBE provides three avenues through which educators and administrators can seek funding for enrichment programs, curriculum, professional development, and technology. These include:
  • Learning Excellence Grant Programs – This is the cornerstone of the grants program whereby projects are initiated. Educators and administrators are invited to request up to $1,000 for small grant requests and up to $5,000 for major grant requests. There are two grant cycles each academic year, one in the fall and one in the spring. A complete description of approved grants can be found in the FBE Impact section.
  • Special Initiatives – This program funds large-scale projects that enhance the educational experience for the entire student body. Requests come from the Superintendent’s office. Special Initiatives typically include small capital projects, equipment purchases, facility improvements, and larger-scale curriculum programs.
  • Professional Development – The FBE is committed to supporting teachers and staff with ongoing professional development. Each year the BPS administration proposes a series of professional development initiatives, whose value is integral to the ongoing training of teachers and staff. The goal of professional development programs is to improve teachers' knowledge and understanding of what constitutes quality instruction while linking improvements in teaching to progress in student achievement.